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Friday, November 25, 2011

i miss you guys


no matter how hard this life goes...

i miss the old times with u guys.. when we really had such amazing time to be spend... time never goes that fast when we were together...

we play, chat, imagined the future life we want...we study together..alhamdulillah...thank you so much Allah, for giving us the best time and memories to be remembered....we did success in our field now...we  do our best to get in this position...i'm so proud of u guys, so do in my self...

even though we can't have any gathering in this time, we never lost track of each other... we always catch up, and matter how far we go... (even though not that far the distances...hahaha)

i adore u guys...

one of us, will be leaving wishes for u...and congratulation~

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