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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

hard to say

people tend to believe in one single story, from a single is hard to make people believe in another story, another side of it.

surprisingly, people always listened to one side only.never mean to say that, most people are good liars.but, it seemed happened to people, who always never had a chance to tell the i right?

some people might use different alternatives to say the can be a phone call, a text messages, write it in own diary or book, or it could be in a some extend, i assumed that people who have blog as their medium to spread messages, or to express their feelings regarding many things happened in their life, maybe they just want people outside their life routine know the story. 

why people make blog? or should i say, why i have a blog?

for just a medium to write. i love writing...and i used to write in many kind of materials.the feel is the same.having a blog, never make me proud.because it just a the thing i used to do.

currently, i have to change the url of my blog. due to some issues, i have to do it. to avoid people who are not respecting my privacy.  i know that i did not make the setting of my blog as 'private', but i expect people to respect or limit their selves at the boundary given.

i always tried to respect people's privacy. and i do hope others can do the same thing to me and other people too.

for those who are following me, directly or indirectly, used to read my articles, or entries. thank you so much. for those who have intention to say bad things about me to other people, thank you too. because it is not easy to follow people, especially people who does not have things related to you!thank you to those who always read and stalk my blog. (in this case, you know who you are ) i don't mind..thank you so much for helping my traffic!!  :)

thank you..and i am truly sorry if i make mistake or make you feel uncomfortable. i am sorry. and this is me!

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