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Friday, June 10, 2011

try to forgive and forget

I never talk about you ... I never mentioned you .. how can you think I talk about you? Do not start a misconception ... because you do not even know whom i mentioned ... for sure ... I do not talk about you! and i am so sorry if my status hurt is really hurt when you people start think badly about others..until you came and claim people say bad things about you..outsiders do not know the actual thing...and start make status before never say anything about you...not in single name or sign..if that status makes you uncomfortable, i am truly sorry... before this...i do not want to clarify anything even though i know you did mentioned about me...for not making any effort of saying apology, our friend start to say something..and i realize this issue become huge like we actually having problem! and i am sorry.. thank you for not asking me anything and suddenly jump to the conclusion.. spread this!

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